Short story writer. Poet. Wannabe Novelist.

Hi, I’m Scarlet! Poet, fiction writer of novels and short stories, and lover of books and stories. I write a blog where I record my writing journey. I specializes in strange and unique characters that don’t fit in (a reality I have experienced more than I’d like to admit), and I love making my readers cry—sad and happy tears included.

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My Published Stories

Here you can check out my published writings. If you want Short storiesPoems, or Novels, just click on one of those three links. If you want free stories and posts to read, check out my blog.

Bauer Blog

What do normal writers do with their endless story ideas, doubts, and writing projects? What do they do with their ever changing circumstances as they attempt this journey called being a writer? I don’t know what normal writers do, but I sure know what I do:

On my Bauer Blog I talk about my writing endeavors and post short stories, including an upcoming action-packed comedy following two young spies as they go about protecting their country—making bad timed jokes, stumbling over their own shoes, and bickering as they attempt to do so.

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“I write to explore worlds, meet characters, and to dive into the depths of reality or escape reality altogether. It’s been a life long dream to write and publish my books—to tell my stories. So that’s why I write. I write to tell stories.”

-Scarlet K. Bauer

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